Resilience of Urban Forests

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Led by: Leslie Brandt and Jeannine Cavender-Bares

Urban forests provide important benefits to human communities, such as cooling, aesthetics, air quality,  support for wildlife, and opportunities for recreation. High tree species diversity is thought to reduce risks of canopy loss and help our tree canopy bounce back after events such as drought, storms, or pest outbreaks. We are investigating how ecological drivers, land management decisions, and socioeconomic factors including systemic racism have influenced canopy diversity and resilience. In addition, we are testing the effectiveness of future-oriented climate adaptation strategies aimed at designing resilient canopies that are able to withstand multiple stressors. These efforts will benefit land managers, urban foresters, and residents in building a more robust urban tree canopy.


Urban Forests Team Posters and Reports

presented at the 2022 MSP-LTER poster session
Number of tree species by income
ash tree density
forest plot sites