About the project

The Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP) is a research methodology and mapping tool developed by the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station to build partnerships and organize environmental stewards. STEW-MAP currently operates in 15 regions worldwide to collect information about civic groups and organizations doing environmental stewardship and answer the question: who takes care of the local environment?

We want to add the Twin Cities to the growing STEW-MAP network– starting with trees! 

In collaboration with the Minneapolis- St. Paul Urban Long Term Ecological Research Program, STEW-MAP is coming to the Twin Cities! We aim to create a searchable map and publicly- available database of civic organizations caring for trees and forests in the Twin Cities. Together, we can help potential volunteers, public agencies, funders, and other stewards learn about your group's work. In turn, you will be able to learn about other groups doing stewardship work in your region.

STEW-MAP Locations